94 Proof (Release the Kraken​!​)

from by Jake Wasson

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“Put a beast in your belly,” the label said
And I’d heard nothing but good things
‘Bout the fresh fifth of rum in a brown paper bag
In my hand as I made my way out of HyVee
She was off in St. Louis for reasons I’ve forgotten
And while I won’t say I was glad she was gone
She sure could be a killjoy when I went out to parties
Whether or not I took her along

Oh, 94 Proof
You’re sobriety-proof
Never been quite this shitfaced
To tell you the truth
There’s a storm in my gut
And a chip in my tooth
And it’s all thanks to you
My 94 Proof

So tonight, I’ll mix my rum and cokes 50-50
And spend my time with anybody I like
Don’t worry, darling, I won’t be unfaithful
I just fully intend to have a damn good night
There’s a reason it’s best not to fuck with sea monsters
That any seafarer or drinker should know
Whether ye be a Sailor or Captain or Admiral
Those eight arms will rise up and drag you below

I awoke in the bathroom with unemptied pockets
Still drunk as could be, but more or less OK
I staggered to my feet and reached for the doorknob
To fix myself one more and rejoin the fray
But I entered the den and I stood, stunned, on sea legs.
I found myself squinting, sunlit, and alone
In the kitchen I found a now much lighter bottle
I took a swig, grimaced, and stumbled on home

I found our bed too big with no one else in it
But passed out despite myself and woke up at noon
Our blue and green, splat-painted room whirled around me,
Left all by myself to throw up and miss you
The best night this year was one I spent without you
And our romance behooves me to badmouth my friends
But as I lie sprawled out, hung over and lonesome
I wish you were here to hold when the fun ends


from Corolla, released May 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Jake Wasson West Warwick, Rhode Island

I'm a wayfaring troubadour and longtime busker, currently based in Rhode Island. Folk and blues are at the heart of what I do, but I like to get weird. Enjoy!

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